Private Sessions

Private Sessions

Reiki Sessions

Reiki works with the physical body and in the auric field, in the nonphysical. It can be used to heal matters pertaining to mental, physical, or spiritual health. At the beginning of a reiki session, the Practitioner will scan your energy field and your chakras to determine which areas may need attention.
Throughout the session, the client lays clothed on the table and the Practitioner uses their hands to transfer the Reiki, or Universal Life Force. Reiki increases your vital energy, restores quality of health, and enhances emotional stability and may produce profound insights. The Reiki is transferred to the cells of the body, but also permeates the nonphysical auric field, and interacts with and helps to balance each of the seven chakras.
At the end of a private reiki session, you will feel calm, your mind will feel clear, and your awareness may be expanded to promote future growth and transformation. A private reiki session will leave you feeling relaxed, as if you just took a good nap or returned from a calming vacation.

Reiki can help you attain balance and promote:

Private Reiki Session Prices:

Distance Reiki

Distance Reiki can be used for helping: People, Animals, Home, Land, Business, Souls who make their transition.

Distance Reiki Session Prices:

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