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Certified International Reiki Master

Lauren Grondski is a Reiki Master and Instructor in Miami, Florida, teaching and practicing the Usui Reiki Method. As a practicing lawyer for over a decade, Lauren first began her journey with reiki first as a personal healing modality to reduce stress and promote overall health. Using reiki every day, Lauren soon realized the great benefits it offered her clients going through divorce or a life-altering accident or injury.

After seeing first-hand how reiki could make difference in all aspects of life, physical, mental, and spiritual, Lauren dedicated herself to her practice and began conducting private reiki sessions in South Florida. Her commitment to reiki soon turned to a desire to teach, and she underwent her Reiki Mastery training in New York City, with Nana Deleplanque, Reiki Master and Instructor at the NYC Reiki Institute in Manhattan, New York.

In the direct lineage of Miako Usui, Nana studied under John Harvey Grey, who learned Reiki from Hawayo Takata, the woman credited with bringing Reiki to the US. Takata herself studied under Chujiro Hayashi, a direct disciple of Miko Usui who began the reiki system of healing that we use today.

In her efforts to learn and practice reiki, Lauren’s attempts to find a local reiki school in South Florida resulted in more questions and lead to dead ends. Who was offering pure, unaltered teachings true to the linage of the original Master, in South Florida? Navigating the various reiki courses claiming to teach and attune students as reiki practitioners sparked a desire within to open Reiki Institute of South Florida. Lauren’s mission to bring the original teachings of Mikao Usui to students in Florida fueled it further. The Reiki Institute of South Florida was born to train a new generation of healers and teachers.

In addition to her bustling law practice, Law Office of Lauren Grondski, P.A., where she practices Family and Injury Law, Lauren conducts in-person workshops designed to help people going through Divorce to find their center and tap into their higher consciousness. She offers a spiritual alternative to the traditional litigated divorce with her “Conscious Divorce” mediation system. Removing the ego and bringing the spirit of reiki to the family law field Lauren’s promotion of healing and wellness all go hand in hand with Lauren’s work at the School.

Lauren studied and reads tarot and provides professional tarot readings in person and via Zoom.

Show Gratitude To Every Living Thing Dr. Mikao Usui
Reiki Produces Good Health, Happiness and Security Dr. Mikao Usui
Just For Today, Do Not Worry Dr. Mikao Usui
Just For Today, Do Not Anger Dr. Mikao Usui
Honor Your Parents, Teachers & Elders Dr. Mikao Usui
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