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Private Sessions

Step into the world of Reiki with our Private Reiki Course for Beginners, designed for those who prefer a more intimate learning environment. This exclusive course offers personalized instruction, ensuring that each student receives the one-on-one attention necessary to deeply understand and practice Reiki.
Over the course of this comprehensive session, you’ll be introduced to the core principles of Reiki by a dedicated Reiki Master. You’ll learn about energy healing, the chakra system, and techniques to harness the universal life force for personal growth and healing.
The private setting allows for direct feedback and tailored guidance, making it ideal for beginners eager to embark on their Reiki journey with confidence. By the end of the course, you’ll have the foundational skills to perform Reiki on yourself and start your path toward helping others.
Embrace this opportunity for a bespoke Reiki education that caters to your individual pace and style.
Show Gratitude To Every Living Thing Dr. Mikao Usui
Reiki Produces Good Health, Happiness and Security Dr. Mikao Usui
Just For Today, Do Not Worry Dr. Mikao Usui
Just For Today, Do Not Anger Dr. Mikao Usui
Honor Your Parents, Teachers & Elders Dr. Mikao Usui
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